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G Herbo’s Baby Momma Ari Fletcher Goes Ballistic On Him, Here Is Why

G Herbo and his ex-fiance Ari are still on rocky terms, to say the least.

Chicago rapper G Herbo and his ex Ari Fletcher have had a sour relationship and a nasty public breakup even after becoming parents to their son Yosohn in April 2018. Since the two split, G Herbo was arrested for battery charges after Ari accused him of beating her up, accusations that the rapper has denied. Herbo has since moved on and is now dating Fabolous’ step-daughter Taina Williams, but Ari has made it clear she doesn’t want his new boo around her son.

On Tuesday, Herbo, born Hebert Wright III, celebrated his 24th birthday, and Taina gifted him with a chain that pictured his late grandmother, a present that left the rapper with tears in his eyes. But all of those good vibes quickly turned into more drama when Ari snapped out on Instagram about seeing her son in a video near Taina without Ari’s consent.

“NOW IM TAKING IT ALL THE WAY THERE I try to be a cool ass baby mama, let you get my son even tho you don’t ever even get him foreal for whatever reason… I be being so cool with you and you really done pushed me past my mf limit now, MY SON B*TCH? IS YOU ON DOPE?” Ari said under a post that has since been deleted. “Cause when I just checked you and this b*tch the other day y’all swore that wasn’t my baby but this CLEAR AS F*CKING DAY MY SON! You dumb broke crybaby b*tch. I asked you not to have my son around this lame a** h*e.”

She went on to claim that Herbo has herpes and that the rapper told Taina he “prayed” the disease away. “f*ck yo birthday lame ass ni**a.” By Wednesday morning G Herbo, Ari, and Taina were all trending topics on Twitter with fans watching all the drama play out. Many were split on who to side with, some calling Ari a jealous ex-girlfriend who doesn’t want to see Herbo happy, while others felt he was wrong for not honoring her wishes as a mother.

You can catch some of the reactions below.