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DaBaby Arrest Update: Rapper Wanted For A Robbery Beat Down In Miami

DaBaby was arrested in Miami on Thursday in connection to a robbery assault, cops say.

As news of DaBaby’s arrest spread, we’re now learning that it was stemmed from a robbery incident where a man was also assaulted. The Charlotte native found himself in police handcuffs before he was hauled off to the Miami police headquarters for questioning. The “Suge” rapper did not resist arrest, and his crew was filming the entire ordeal while cops placed him in a squad car. TMZ obtained video footage of the robbery incident showing a man on the ground with a group of other men surrounding.

Police say DaBaby and his crew were in the vicinity at the time the robbery went down at around 12:30 PM. More than half a dozen police cars were on the scene when the rapper was arrested. It’s unclear if any other members of his crew were also taken into custody.

This is the second running DaBaby is having with cops in just over a week. He was also arrested just before Christmas for allegedly resisting arrest and having marijuana. It’s safe to say that he isn’t starting his year on a good footing despite his monumental success in hip hop last year. DaBaby is one of the hottest new rappers in the game right now with a large following and a hugely successful debut album, Kirk, under his belt.

In December, DaBaby went viral on social media after his eggplant was allegedly leaked online. It turns out that it was fake news after all, and he denied that the instrument in the leaked video was not his. Nevertheless, his female fans were pretty impressed. Outside of his runnings with police and dealing with alleged leaks, DaBaby is having the best time of his life as a hip hop superstar.