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Foota Hype Refused Deportation To Jamaica Opted To Stay In ICE Custody

Foota Hype rather be locked up in ICE custody than be a free man in Jamaica, so he refused deportation.

It has been a rough few weeks for popular dancehall selector Oneil Ricardo Thomas, better known as Foota Hype. The ever-entertaining Foota Hype was held by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, on December 14 upon departing from the Jamrock Reggae Cruise, held aboard the Independence of the Seas. They picked him up to review his travel documents and admissibility status, and sadly for the disc jockey, everything was not in order. The selector spent the holidays in the Krome Service Processing Center, locked away from friends, family, and well-wishers.

The most recent development in the story now points to the fact that Foota Hype is not being held against his will and can actually return to his native country of Jamaica.

A recent story that was published in the Star included comments from a source close to the case, who mentioned that Foota, “has no status at this time in terms of a document that allows him entry to the US.” The source continued that, “He could return to Jamaica at any time, but he prefers to stay and put his case before the court.”

Foota’s initial case was dismissed when called before an Immigration judge days after he was picked up by ICE. However, it seems the selector wanted to get all immigration matters resolved once, and for all, therefore, his lawyers actually asked for more time from the judge. A few years ago, the entertainer official applied for permanent citizenship through his marriage to an American citizen. However, he now faces difficulties as he got divorced before citizenship could be granted.

His documents for temporary status in the US has also expired, and therefore he is unable to travel to anywhere in the US. With all this in mind, Foota Hype remains positive and seems set to hang on to the American Dream, even if it means spending more time in an ICE detainment facility.

His case is set to be aired before an immigration judge on Monday, January 20, 2020.