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Swae Lee’s Ex-Girlfriend Marliesia Put A Hit Out On Him, His Mother Respond

Swae Lee’s estranged ex-girlfriend took out a hit on him and then his mother stepped in.

They say that the holidays can bring out the crazy in people, and Swae Lee is experiencing that first hand. If we’re honest, Marlie and the “Won’t Be Late” rapper have never had a simple relationship. Since getting together 4 years ago, the pair have been off and on, with enough incidents to make you want to grab a bucket of popcorn like that Michael Jackson meme. Throughout their union, Marlie (which is short for Marliesia Ortiz) has accused Lee of cheating on her. At times, her retaliation has even led to physical altercations with his side chicks.

Just ask KB Tate, who was on the receiving end of Marlie’s wrath after the former ended up with an expensive purse that Swae Lee had originally given to Marliesia. There was also the time that Marlie leaked the rapper’s personal phone number online so that people could swarm him and let him know “how f***ed up he has her.”

In September, the cops were called after Marlie headbutted her former boo, threw objects at him, and beat him up, and broke items in his home. Her original story was that Lee had sexually assaulted her, but then admitted that she had been the one to start the fight.

If you have any popcorn left, the latest between the ex-couple is that not only did Miss Ortiz break the windows of the musician’s car — she put a hit on his life! Marlie posted an Instagram Story in which she offered someone 20 big ones to take him out. And we don’t mean to a romantic dinner.

“Someone kill him I got 20K cash for you,” she wrote on the video that showed Swae outside his home.

After getting a lot of flack for the IG post, Marlie attempted to reassure people that everything was fine, saying, “I was mad and meant nothing I said. We good now u guys can chill.” We think it may have been the threat issued by Swae’s mom… In a comment directed at her son’s ex, she declared, “IF ANYBODY TOUCHES MY SON I WILL PUT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD MYSELF.”

Despite the belief that Swae Lee and Marlie ended their relationship a while ago, text messages make it seem like the pair are trying to work through their drama.

That said, there is so much crazy with these two that we think one of them really needs to consider moving to another side of the country for their own safety.