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The Game Wanted A Tupac & Biggie Type End To 50 Cent Beef

The Game says he wanted and was prepared for himself and 50 Cent beef to end like Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

It’s been over a decade since the release of The Game’s Doctor’s Advocate, an album he considers his best ever. As a senior rapper who peaked during the golden era of rap music, The Game loves looking back at the journey. As expected, his past beef with 50 Cent was a major highlight of the discussion. The Compton rapper admitted how he envisioned a rivalry that would match that of the greats – Pac and Biggie. Unconvinced by the eventual outcome, he blames his youth and hatred for 50 for influencing his decision making back then. “Cause when you’re young, you’re stupid,” he said.

The veteran 40-year-old, at one point, imagined that the beef could have resulted in retaliatory shootings had he been killed while touring the East Coast. He explains how he rolled with a Glock on him at all times.

He narrates a story of how he bought close to 50 guns at $10K at a go from some random guy. He also remembers driving a girl to dinner to a restaurant, Katie Mantilin, where he could not leave his car to the valet given the firearms inside.

In a past interview at HipHopDX, He mentioned how the beefing alongside the desire for attention drove away potential opportunities. For instance, Jay Z preferred to keep away due to his situation with 50 Cent. Part of the trigger of the animosity with his former G-Unit partner was driven by the rumors of 50 ghostwriting The Documentary. An accusation he seems to have taken personally to date. The Documentary was his album that lasted longest at the top spot.

The Compton rapper’s ninth studio album was released on November 29, a project he considers his final. The 24 track album features industry bigwigs Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Travis Barkers, Nipsey Hussle, and others.