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Joe Budden Says A$AP Rocky Is Not A Rapper, Hear Him Out

Can anyone remember the last time A$AP Rocky trended over his music?

Rakim Mayers, professionally known as A$AP Rocky, could drop a documentary on his 2019 experiences. In August, the rapper pleaded guilty to an assault charge in Sweden. Now he is on the defense over a leaked sex tape. The endless cycle of intrigues has left many fans wondering if we can expect some music from the emcee for a change. Known for his hard-hitting take-downs on The Joe Budden Podcast, co-host Joe, unpacked his view of the artist. The conversation shifted from Rocky’s Sweden trip, his past album releases, and the source of his popularity.

“Ya’ll haven’t talked about A$AP Rocky music in ions” Joe believes the last time Rakim made a buzz in music was on “F*cking Problems.” He rejects the argument that the Drake and Pusha T beef clouded the release of his last album.

Joe Budden was unconvinced by the characterization of Mayers as a music star. He did not deny his widespread popularity in hip-hop but separated the accolades from his music. “He’s not a star in music,” he said, “He’s a star in this culture, a bright one, a big one.”

The hosts dived into a debate over A$AP’s music prowess. Co-host Mal vouched for the Harlem rapper while Rory and Joe disagreed. At one point Mal asked Joe if Rocky were to announce a show at the Madison Square Garden, would he sell it out? Budden immediately rejected the question. “What are you saying right now?” was the response.

Budden is known for his open-spoken nature, so he is no stranger to controversy. He has run into trouble with artists over past remarks made on his show. His show is released twice a week on Spotify and YouTube.