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French Montana Talks Him And Max B Squashing Jim Jones Beef

Everything is good these days between French Montana, Jim Jones, and Max B.

The feud between the three does not have an exact timeline but spurns at least more than a decade, and a few diss tracks. Back in the mid-2000s, Jim Jones and Max B were friends. The single syllable rappers collaborated on several tracks after the latter signed to Jim’s ByrdGang record label. By the time the “Why You Do That” rapper left in 2008 he had alleged that he had been forced into an unfair contract that did not adequately recognize or compensate him for the material or melodies he had written for Jones and that he had only been paid $300 for live shows whereas the “We Fly High” rapper earned $10-15,000.

Following his departure from ByrdGang, Max B made friends with French Montana who had his own feud with Jim Jones arising from the music exec publicly claiming to be associated with the people who put a hit out on French. As they say, your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

Currently, Max B is serving time behind bars on charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit murders related to an incident in a hotel room in 2006. The 41-year-old has instructed his ex-girlfriend and step-brother to rob a hotel room where one of the occupants was restrained. It later transpired that he had been involved in money laundering. Another occupant in the room was shot dead execution-style. Max B was sentenced for 75 years in prison, which earlier this year was reduced to 12 years, meaning he is scheduled for release in 2021.

French addressed the whole drama with Jones while sitting with DJ Akademiks, saying they had killed all that beef as it all became stupid. The “Writing on the Wall” producer said that the beef between Max and Jim was all about Max getting his paperwork. “What you gonna do if you trying to feed your family and somebody got you under their contract? You gonna go crazy, right? And me just being his n***a next time him, I was in it regardless, so I wasn’t really in it. I can’t wait for Max to come home.”

Let’s hope they can all laid down some tracks together when he does.