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Rapper Max B Hints Kim Kardashian Helped Him Reduced His Life Sentence

Max B rapper

Max B manages to get his sentencing drastically reduced, possibly with Kim Kardashian’s help.

French Montana associate Max B could be coming home a lot sooner than previously thought. The Coke Boy rapper revealed on IG that he got 75 years in his initial sentencing and then managed to get it reduced to 20. As if a 50-year reduction isn’t enough, he revealed in his post that he has now got his sentencing reduced to 12 years. “They gave me 75, got it chopped to a 20 then got it down to a dozen, n***a I’m good with the money,” he wrote in the caption while sharing a photo of himself from behind bars.

Let’s not forget that he was rumored to be leaving prison in 2018 and that didn’t happen. French Montana revealed recently that he enlisted the services of celebrity socialite turn up-and-coming lawyer/justice reform activist, Kim Kardashian, to help with Max B’s case.

“Life is like a mirror sometimes,” Montana said. “And sometimes a lot of people don’t see the good that they do, like as far as Kim. Me and Kim was talking about getting Max B home from jail. ‘Cause she’s doing the whole thing with….So, like for her to even reach out and do that I felt like that was powerful.”

Perhaps Kim Kardashian managed to lobby some powerful people to get Max B’s sentencing reduced, or maybe she didn’t have a hand in it. The timing does seem suspicious since it was only in April that French made the revelation and by July the incarcerated rapper is making the announcement.