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Cardi B Trolls Nicki Minaj Over This Statement On Megan Thee Stallion

Is Cardi B trolling Nicki Minaj in this Instagram post?

Cardi B’s most recent social media post has everyone turning heads but not for the usual reason. Last night Nicki Minaj attended the Billboard Women In Music event in Los Angeles, and she was along the few artists who were honored at the annual awards. While backstage with Megan The Stallion, Nicki showed love to the 24-year-old rapper for holding it down in her absence.

“Shout out to my boo Megan that’s been holding it down while the kid is, you know what I’m sayin’, on a hiatus and all that,” Minaj said.

As you might recall, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have had a rocky past the two female rappers are two of the best in the game, but they’ve never really seen eye-to-eye. Though most fans did not pick up a vibe at first, many are now speculating that Nicki was throwing shade at Cardi since she has never given the Grammy-winning rapper half as much credit.

That suspicion was further fueled by what is perceived to Cardi’s response on social media today. The rapper might not have made an appearance at the Billboard event, but she sure made an Instagram appearance on Friday to get a few words off her chest. Cardi posted a video of herself rolling her eyes at the camera. The rapper is seen wearing a black straight hair wig with bangs that closely resembles Minaj’s signature look. In the caption, the “Money” rapper wrote, “Never get the credit I deserve, if it wasn’t for me you b***s wouldn’t be Heard,” Cardi says.

A lot of fans now believe that the Instagram post is a response to Nicki’s comments. We all make the Queen radio personality loves addressing anything directed at her, so we are anxious to see how this one will pan out.