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A$AP Rocky Disgusted As Fan Threw Boxer Brief At Him On Stage

ASAP Rocky and YG

A$AP Rocky preaches love and unity in his concert, but boxers are off limits.

The “Praise the Lord” rapper is back on the road, doing his thing, after spending time in a Swedish prison during the summer. The 31-year-old was arrested on assault charges and held in prison in Stockholm for a street fight in which an individual was seriously injured. The entire ordeal lasted more than a month and resulted in A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, having to pay $1,270 in damages and receiving a suspended prison sentence. Now that he is a free man once again, Rocky performed this past weekend at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles.

As the headline act, it was no surprise that fans went a bit wild when Pretty Flacko was on stage at the Blanc of California Stadium. How wild are we talking? Panty-throwing, swing your bra, kind of wild. Rocky is no stranger to undergarments landing at his feet while he performs, but one item landed on stage that is not part of his usual collection — a pair of boxers. And he was not impressed.

“I don’t know which one of you mother******s threw this up here. Y’all n***as don’t be throwing no boxer briefs up here. I only want panties and bras, n***a. Y’all n***as out of line,” he said. “Nasty n***a, man. Somebody in commando right now. Why the f*** you threw your drawers on stage, you f***in’ maniac?”

We hope they were clean, at least?

Throwing underwear may just be an American thing as we don’t think any landed his way when Rocky performed at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe Stadium last week. It was his first return to Sweden since his imprisonment, and even Rihanna came out to watch him. A$AP Rocky brought out a cage in which he performed, to create awareness for the immigrant and more impoverished communities in Sweden, as well as symbolizing his incarceration.