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Rihanna Makes Surprised Appearance At ASAP Rocky First Sweden Show

ASAP and Rihanna

Rihanna made a surprised visit to A$AP Rocky first show in Sweden last night.

Although Rihanna the Pretty Flacko goes way back, it was a major surprise to see her in the audience as the A$AP Mob rapper performed in a large metal cage. A$AP Rocky promised Sweden he would be back, and he has kept his word. The rapper spent far more time than he intended to in the Scandinavian country last July when he was arrested for assault following an altercation with Mustafa Jafari and several members of his entourage. Swedish authorities kept him at Kronoberg Remand Prison until the trial, placing his tour on hold.

Several high profile individuals called for Rocky’s release, including Kanye West, Reverend Al Sharpton, and President Donald Trump — especially when it was reported that he was being kept under inhumane conditions. After more than a month in prison, the 3-day trial commenced, during which the “Praise the Lord” rapper pleaded not guilty. He was ultimately convicted of assault and ordered to pay the equivalent of $1,270 in addition to a suspended jail sentence. Luckily for the 31-year-old, the time he served behind bars was not in vain as the court decided that it meant he would not need to serve anymore time.

Following the verdict, A$AP Rocky announced that he would return to Sweden in the future, and his fans made sure they were there to meet him at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe Stadium last night. The hip hop star had previously stated that he wanted to perform at the prison where he had been held, but security and logistical reasons made this impossible.

In tribute, Rocky decided to perform within a giant cage on stage to symbolize his incarceration and raise awareness for the poor and immigrant communities of Sweden. He also promised free tickets to members of those communities.

“I brought you here today for love and unity. That’s why I brought you here,” the rapper told the thousands of screaming fans in the crowd. “Today, there’s people who were fortunate enough to buy tickets today, and to you people, I thank you for coming… Today there was people who couldn’t afford it, and they still made it here, and I love you people.”

Amongst all the Swedes who filled the Globe was one of Rocky’s famous fans: Rihanna. It is not known whether the “Needed Me” singer was in Stockholm specifically for the concert, or took time off “work” from creating her upcoming album in the capital’s first-grade studios.

Rocky continued his message of inclusion by telling the crowd, “The whole message today: Spread love and have f**kin’ fun.”

There’s no doubt that Sweden loves him back.

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