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Tekashi 6ix9ine Charges Dropped Reports Are False, Still Facing 37 Years In Prison

Reports that the feds dropped all charges against Tekashi 6ix9ine are false. Let’s break it down for you.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, is still facing 37 years in prison based on the charges still against his name. Some new reportings came out over the weekend, claiming that the feds have dropped all charges against the rapper, but those reportings are not true. Tekashi is actually facing a mandatory prison term, but due to his cooperation with the feds to incriminate the Nine Tr3y Blood Gang, attorneys believe that the judge might decide to go with the time-served recommendation from the probation office’s pre-trial report.

In these cases, it’s really the government that decides what the sentence should be, but because they have not indicated one, it is believed that the rapper will be out on time-served rather than serve more time behind bars.

Prosecutor Michael Longyear announced last week that he and other prosecutors agreed to drop one firearm count against Tekashi 6ix9ine stemming from his possession of a machine gun charge. “The Government will move to dismiss Count Two at sentencing,” Longyear wrote in a statement. “Thus …the defendant’s mandatory minimum term of incarceration would be 37 years’ imprisonment.”

Tekashi, however, still faces other charges, including racketeering conspiracy and others. None of the other charges have been dropped leading up to his sentence hearing on Wednesday, December 18. The dropped firearm charge reduced his maximum sentence by 10 years. He was initially facing up to 47 years in prison, therefore, he is now facing a minimum of 37 years.

Expert attorneys have been chiming in, and they believe that based on the court structure, the judge will rule in favor of time-served because that is what both Tekashi’s defense attorneys, as well as the probation office, recommends in court documents. Like prosecutors, the probation office represents the government branch of the lawsuit. That being said, their recommendation carries a lot of weight. Since both parties agree on what the outcome should be, it is likely that the judge will also concur.

While it is okay for professionals to speculate based on their expertise, the judge is still the one who will make the last call and ultimately decide 6ix9ine’s future. We will have to wait until Wednesday to see if all those letters requesting time-served and the recommendation of the probation office will be granted.