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Quality Control’s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas Denies Lira Galore Assault Allegation

Pierre “Pee” Thomas may be a lot of things, but wife beater is not one of them.

The CEO of Quality Control Music became a father again earlier this year when his daughter Khaleesi was born. The mother of the little girl, who is named after Emilia Clarke’s Game of Thrones character, is Lira Galore. Rick Ross’s ex-fiancé made some scandalous accusations in a sole custody lawsuit in May when she alleged that her pregnancy had been plagued by abuse at the hands of her baby daddy, Pierre “Pee” Thomas.

The violent episodes include 5 separate occasions, each one more terrifying than the next. Amongst Lira’s claims are faces punches, choking encounters, several knots caused by being hit in the head, and even a dislocated finger from a ring being ripped off. The new mother further claims that Pee had attempted to placate her by purchasing a brand new SUV worth $50,000. Still, his alleged violent streak resulted in him damaging the window on the driver’s side during yet another violent altercation and then paying her the same amount of money not to report him to the authorities.

The 26-year-old stated in her petition to the court that Migos’ and Lil Yachty’s boss had “consistently demonstrated physically violent, emotionally abusive, irrational, and erratic behavior.”

In reaction to Lira’s $15 million lawsuit for damages and sole physical custody of their 8-month-old daughter, Pee has defended himself — by calling his ex a liar.

According to documents in possession of TMZ, the music exec says that it was actually Lira who was the violent one. In his countersuit, Pee alleged that his baby mama had been physically violent towards him while carrying their daughter and had even abused various drugs. Questioning the authenticity of her case, he stated, “It must be questioned as to why she allowed him unsupervised visitation with the parties’ daughter and waited so long to file this monetary claim.”

The judge in the case has yet to rule on the matter, as well as whether to grant Lira’s request for Pee to pay $20,000 for the $19,000 she has already spent for her attorney.