Rotimi Drops His New EP “The Beauty of Becoming”

Rotimi drops off another new body of work.

Olurotimi Akinosho, more popularly known on the music scene as Rotimi, has some goodies in store for all his fans as he drops his new EP, The Beauty of Becoming. While the actor/singer had been tight-lipped about what is included on the project, he is well known for his African flavored r&b flows and melodies, and that’s what many fans were looking to see. Rotimi definitely gives the fans what was expected on this 6-track EP. The leading track, “Next To Your Love,” has the singer confessing his desires. The singer incorporates a bit of Caribbean flavor when he describes the seductive rendezvous with his female lover.

The Beauty of Becoming is definitely a project for the ladies as we get tracks such as “Fall Back,” “All Night,” “Way Gone,” “Mega Love” featuring Afro B, and “In My Bed” featuring Wale, all coming through with strong sexual undertones.

“In My Bed” should hit home for fans of 90s r&b/hip hop, as Enya’s “Boadicea” is sampled in almost the same manner that the Fugees did on their track “Ready Or Not.”

“I’m always focused on growth, elevation and consistency,” Rotimi said. “Refreshing music is part of my journey. All I want to do is deliver a product yall will love as much as I do. Thank you for your continued love and support. The Beauty of Becoming on all platforms now!!! #TBOB is gonna be the best body of work you’ll hear to close this decade.”

The singer was clearly excited about the project before the release. “5 hours until new project “The Beauty of becoming” drops. Haven’t been this excited ever in my career,” tweeted the singer. Before the release, a fan promised, “My husband & I are going to play tf out of your EP.” Meanwhile, another thanked him for releasing the project early, “Thanks for showing your early EP!”

The Beauty of Becoming is available for streaming on YouTube and Apple Music.