Mackerel Says She Has A Crush On Intence In Front His Girlfriend On ‘Spice It Up’ Talk Show


Spice’s last episode of her talk show “Spice It Up” featured a young dancehall couple and a notorious man stealer as guests.

Spice became an ambassador for Magnum Tonic Wine this year, and a talk show shortly followed. The Love and Hip Hop star has been hosting the YouTube series brought to us by Magnum Tonic Wine for 5 weeks now. In her latest episode, which she announced was the last of the season, Spice had dancehall artiste Intence on the couch in between his dancer girlfriend Dancing Rebel and the one and only Mackerel.

24-year-old Dancing Rebel talked briefly about the rumor that her and Intence’s relationship was phony. According to the dancer who was accused of not even being attracted to men, she is doing what is right in the traditional sense of how the Lord above intended it. “And yu know we wah be right by God right now, so we go to the man,” Rebel said. “Mi find a boyfriend and a do mi ting so you can say anything you want,” she added.

When asked if she and Intence had settled down, Rebel gave an unconvincing yes, but her boyfriend said it’s whatever she says, so I guess they agree? Intence also told Spice that no one can dictate to him what to do when the host queried how the deejay handles the heavy social media input in his public relationship. “As mi tell yu we nah meds that. We jus a do we own ting and nobody cya tell we wah fi do,” Intence told the Magnum Ambassador.

The episode took an intriguing turn when Spice asked Mackerel if there was any public figure that she sees on social media that she would “take.” Mackerel knew right away what her answer was. Literally sitting right next to the “Go Hard” deejay and his girlfriend, Mackerel admitted that Intence was first on that list that also included I Wata and Ace Gawd. Spice was understandably shocked that the “A So Mi” deejay would be so brazen to actually reveal that in the couple’s presence.

Then again, Mackerel opened up about currently seeing a man who is in a relationship, so we should have expected the same candidness when it came time to reveal her celebrity crush. Intence unsurprisingly seemed flattered by the idea of being Mackerel’s #MCE (Man Crush Everyday) while Rebel’s most anticipated response was surprisingly serene. The dancer took the comments in stride even though Mackerel threatened that her “man-tekking” was a real life practice and not just for likes.

Check out the season finale of “Spice It Up” now and stay tuned for the second season in 2020.