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Chronic Law Drops A Worthy Hit “Prepare”

With only a few days to go in 2019, the lyrical machine of the 6IXX camp is letting us know just how ready he is in his new track, “Prepare.”

He dropped the original lyric video 2 days ago, and the song is quickly findings its way into the hearts of his fans, though it’s a witty and ingenious lyrical ensemble. The Lawboss drops nuggets of inspirations for upcoming lyricists as he spits, “One one a day like Vitamin Pill / Suh mi chop dem fine dem slice up and stink / Mi no shoot up wall mi no wound zinc who diss man aim to heart like cupid / Member mi nuh know fi fight like Bruce Lee so me raise me rifle dem like school fee.”

Chronic Law gets a beautiful canvas on which to express his ideas as production is handled by Akiem ‘Fresh Beatz’ Bingham and Roshane ‘FX’ Rhule from Quantanium Records. They do an exceptional job to not overpopulate the track with too many synths or hi-hats, giving Chronic the room to lay down his law.

The production team as being in top form since there first hit, “Gain the World” By Jahmeil. In light of this, it is not surprising that other productions such as Goavana’s “Bake Bean” and one of his biggest hits for 2019 “Cups Up” as their names and expertise printed all over them.

Go ahead and listen to Chronic Law’s new track “Prepare” and let us know what you think.