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Love & Hip Hop: Moniece Says Lil Fizz Capping About Omarion’s Friendship

Omarion, Lil Fizz

Lil Fizz says that he and Omarion were not friends, but Moniece Slaughter says he is capping to his teeth.

Lil Fizz, Omarion, J Boog, and Raz-B were the members that made up boy group B2K, which ran from 1998 to 2004. Since the parting of the group, the members have all taken on solo projects with some spreading their wings to reality tv show Love and Hip Hop. The group members popped back onto the scene for a reunion tour earlier in 2019, and at the same time, it seems love was brewing between Omarion’s ex/ baby mother, Apryl Jones, and former bandmate, Lil Fizz.

Persons have been bashing Lil Fizz for dating his friend’s girl, who is also a member of the show. Things got pretty intense during the reunion of the show as the topic was brought up, and Apryl was called a h*e for dating Fizz. While his girl was being torn to shreds for her new lover, Fizz quickly shot down any statement that he and Omarian were ever best friends. Earlier in the reunion, he and J Boog mentioned that they were more like co-workers than friends.

Lil Fizz’s baby mother, Moniece Slaughter, who is also on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, is singing a different song when she mentioned that her baby daddy was straight lying about the friendship with Omarion. While she did not openly discuss it on the reunion hot seat, she opened up about it on her Instagram Live.

She mentioned the various times that Omarion and Fizz have linked up in the past, claiming that Fizz was closer to O than J Boog. Some key moments she listed, included their son’s 4th or 5th birthday, where Omarion and Apryl came over. They also linked up for the 2nd baby shower Omarion and Apryl had along with birthday celebrations. The kids were also really close, with Fizz’s son calling Omarion uncle O.

Are these clear signs that Fizz is lying, or was he in attendance at these various events just to show respect to his fellow bandmate?

While the evidence being put forward by Moniece seems damning, the fans are a bit sour that she did not release the info while being on stage. “Why she didn’t say that at the reunion? She grew wings & flew off the stage. No need for essays now Mo.”

Perhaps the relationship between O and Fizz was a delicate one. Does that still give him the right to date his ex?