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Tommy Lee Sparta Drops New Single “Shallow Grave”

Tommy Lee Sparta

Wise Choice Records recently dropped a few songs from their latest project and it is clear that having the Sparta Boss as one of the featured artistes is turning out to be a brilliant choice.

Tommy Lee finds a unique flow and delivers on his gritty track titled, “Shallow Grave.” To be honest, Tommy is known for his gritty tracks with songs such as “Uncle Demon” and “Pyscho” causing a stir back when they were first released. “Shallow Grave” gives the same chilling effect as the aforementioned tracks. One of the main reasons behind this is the production of the beat, as it leads to a very dark and deceptive flow of energies that somewhat mimics the music you would hear in a Scifi or horror movie. We get small sharp sounds of doors squeaking and a massive build-up as the antagonist/villain draws near.

Tommy Lee easily controls his domain of darkness as he raises the energy of the track without any warning, then in an instant, pauses his reign and provides clear, calm, vivid explanations of his gruesome acts.

To listeners and fans, this should definitely show Tommy’s range, energy and ability to easily switch flows moreover, in the same song.

“Shallow Grave” has amassed over 29,680 views since dropping on Youtube mere hours ago. The track is being distributed by Johnny Wonder, therefore, it should be available for streaming and purchase on most major platforms.