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Chronic Law Drops New Single “High-Grade Kush” : Listen

It’s officially Smoker’s Monday in our eyes, as Chronic Law drops a new track titled, “High Grade Kush.”

Marijuana is the obvious topic of this one as the Lawboss provides us with mountains of information about the chronic. He comments about its potency, the amount he posses and the wonderful, almost human defying effects of the kush he smokes. While a conversation about marijuana is sometimes a pretty chill topic, Chronic Law makes it quite interesting as he adds his own flair to his explanations. His use of similes, hyperboles, and puns drags you into the song as you imagine yourself floating above the stars after just one puff.

“We have the sess but a not Fabregas / Me no fraid a officer me spliff longer than a spatula / Me compress the weed and make it rock the boat like Aaliyah / Ten thousand pound a weed can’t wol inna nuh polly bag,” he spits. He continues by highlight one of marijuana’s best companions, “The grabba hot you can feel it like a tattoo / the gorilla glue make me go pon a plateau / Yea man a true me charge up like a Pikachu.’

It’s as if he is in a trance as he delivers each line and verse. Could it be that during his recording session, he was under the influence of the same herb he is singing about? Many entertainers have confessed this medicinal herb unlocks one’s creativity and has helped in the writing and performance of some of reggae and dancehall’s most iconic hits.

If you are not a smoker, you may still be able to feel the effects of the “High-Grade Kush” after a few listens.