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Keyshia Cole Shades OT Genasis For His Crip Remix Of One Of Her Classic Hits

Keyshia Cole isn’t here for OT Genasis covering her song.

OT Genasis went from praising one female R&B star to pissing off another in a matter of weeks. The Atlanta rapper just gave major thanks to Beyoncé for including two of his hit singles in her tour sets over the years, and now it looks like he’s trying to catch another smash by remixing Keyshia Cole’s classic song “Love.” OT Genasis released a video of himself singing over the “Love” beat, but he changed the entire meaning of the record — and Keyshia Cole isn’t too happy about it.

“I used to think that I wasn’t fly enough,” he sings. “Cause the homies told me I wasn’t wild enough. But now I’m sitting back tryna figure out how to cock and aim so I can chalk him out.” He continues to sing about being gang affiliated with the crips and belts out, “Cuuuuhhhhhh! Never knew that I was crippin.” The whole thing seemed like a joke, but he actually took the time to make an entire music video for the song.

Once the video went viral, and OT Genasis began promoting his version of the song and singing it in the club, word got back to Keyshia Cole. A fan commented on Twitter saying, “I ain’t never gone listen to @KeyshiaCole song the same anymore,” and the singer responded, “Exactly. Not cool.”

It’s safe to assume that OT Genasis didn’t exactly get permission to remix Keyshia Cole’s romantic anthem into a violent gang lullaby. She later made a hint about possibly collecting a check from the rapper. “Some people be like, “You should be happy you getting anything” type mentality. No. That’s not my vibe. I kno what I deserve .. unapologetically,” she said. It will be interesting to see where this story goes next.