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Vybz Kartel Drops A Song Called “Smoothie” – Listen It

Vybez Kartel’s latest single is titled “Smoothie.”

Vybz Kartel released so much music that it seems he is running out of song titles. This one is appropriately titled “Smoothie” and exemplifies authentic dancehall in an era where trap beats are taking over. We can all agree that the Gaza Boss is reinforcing his claim to the dancehall throne. How many hit singles has he now released over the last 30 days? More than half a dozen. Vybz Kartel has had a phenomenal year and has proven himself once again that one of dancehall’s greatest phenoms with a consistent supply of hits, all while being incarcerated for almost a decade. I mean, what else is there to do behind bars.

Kartel drops this one specifically for the ladies with lyrics like “Dem ah follow yuh, but yuh nah follow dah” and “Everyting yuh do some gyal ah watch yuh like di feds.” One will always wonder, how Kartel comes up with these lyrics, which is a testament to his artistic genius. “Horing anuh you, ah must yuh twin, ah must yuh friend, Yuh man ah threaten yuh fi kill yuh, tru yuh seh it ah go end,” Kartel deejays.

Listen to Vybz Kartel’s new song “Smoothie” below.