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50 Cent On The Hunt For Rick Ross To Serve Him Court Docs, Here Is Why

50 Cent and Rick Ross

50 Cent wants to serve Rick Ross with new court documents in his old sex tape case.

Every now and then, 50 Cent and Rick Ross find new ways to ignite their beef. This time it seems 50 Cent is attempting to drag Rick Ross to court in reference to the ongoing legal war between his old law firm Reed Smith and an attorney named Peter Raymond. 50 Cent was made to pay out $7 million to Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend for a leaked sex tape, which 50’s character narrated. The mother of Rick’s child sued 50 for the emotional distress she suffered as a result of the leaking of the tape by 50. The character name Pimpin’ Curly played by 50 Cent hurled disrespectful comments to both Ross and Lastonia Livingston, who he called Brooke throughout the 13 minutes video.

The firm accused Fif of not paying up on $600,000 worth of legal fees. However, the business mogul countered and sued the company for malpractice.

He blamed attorney Raymond for not providing the proper legal guidance by not disclosing an already active agreement with their firm and Lastonia’s lawyers, which “precluded key material witnesses,” including one of his archrivals, Rick Ross. 50 Cent claims the poor legal work caused him to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Since Ross is listed as a key witness in the sex tape’s proceedings, 50 Cent’s team has been trying to serve the Southern rapper papers to attend court. Sadly, this has proven much harder than they would have liked as the persons trying to serve the summons cannot get through his security. Attempts have been made to reach the rapper at him home, and at areas he is set to perform, but so far, all efforts have proved futile.

“Given his celebrity lifestyle, Ross has proven exceptionally difficult to personally serve,” mentioned 50 Cent’s legal team during a court filing. “As a prominent celebrity, Ross lives in a gated home and has personal security personnel protecting him at the various public appearances he makes.”

The team is asking the judge for a bit more time until December 20, 2019to be exact to locate Rick Ross. Allhiphop obtained the legal documents.