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Foota Hype Says He Is Strapping Up After Getting Threats From LGBT Community

Foota Hype says he is getting strapped after getting threats from the LGBT community.

Foota Hype yesterday flashed his US gun license and promised to ‘bullet’ anyone who comes to his yard or elsewhere to harm him. Foota was commenting on the recent arrest of veteran Dancehall artiste, Brigadier Jerry, whom he said had got himself entangled in illegal possession of firearm charges when he lives in a US state where he could easily access a firearm through legal means.

Brigadier Jerry who is known for songs such as Jamaica-Jamaica, Ram Dance Master and Three Blind Mice, was recently arrested and charged for, among other things, carrying a pistol without a permit and altering a serial number on a firearm, following a shooting incident on November 11, in Connecticut.

“Mi tink pin rub dung an file off serial numba, a Jamaica dem suppm deh happen. Mi neva know dem suppm deh happen a farrin. Connecticut is a Gun State, suh him coulda go look bout licence gun. It come like him a live inna di 80s. It come like him brain deh inna di 80s dawg,” Foota said.

“Caw das why mi meck sure mi live inna one Gun State. You see it, gun permit, gun licence,” she said as he flipped out his gun licence and held it up for followers to see. “Yuh haffi live inna Gun Sate; das why we live in a Gun State. So yuh can legally guh pick up yuh gun. Yuh can buy yuh gun from smaddy; like how smaddy have a car weh dem have and sell it, a man can sell yuh di gun weh him own an from yuh have bill of sale; yuh have proof and yuh have you permit, yuh good.”

Foota said it was unfathomable how Brigadier chose to go the illegal route, when not only he was legitimately able to qualify for a gun permit but was also an older man.

“Suh mi nuh know how Briggy guh do dat now, when yuh live inna a Gun State. An him nuh illegal inna America, suh how you a guh have a illegal gun wid di pin file dung an di numba file off an dem suppm deh? It nuh look good. An den Briggy a 62 year old; yuh naw no time fi gi govament Briggy now man. Come on man,” Foota reasoned.

The selector also said the root cause of the melee also painted a negative picture of the senior citizen, who would now be regarded as reckless. He said he would never be caught acting in such a wanton fashion.

“An den it cause because a gambling; no man. Das why mi, people mi nuh gamble. Mi nuh inna no gambling house business. Yuh notice mi no too-too heng out, caw mi naw teck no diss. Suh true mi naw teck no dis, mi stay weh mi deh! Zeen. Mi stay by myself,” Foota declared.

“Mi no guh weh everybaddy a heng out, mi nuh guh chill weh everybaddy a chill; mi nuh guh chat-chat up wid everybaddy. Caw hear wha now, mi nuh waa nuh man ramp wid mi an mi haffi guh lose myself. Cause mi wi shoot smaddy. Yuh si mi? Suh me avoid shooting smaddy, suh mi stay by myself! Suh dat mean seh if yuh come outta yuh way and come ramp wid mi, mi jus bullet yuh an walk go ova Broward County (police) station an guh tell dem seh: ‘dis man antagonize mi and mi bullet him’. Yuh zimmi?” he added.