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Rick Ross Shares His Favorite 50 Cent Verse, His Pick Will Surprise You

Rick Ross’ favorite 50 Cent verse is surprising given that 50 dropped some dope music in his prime.

Rappers beef all the time, but when they are at odds, do they stop supporting each other’s music? Rick Ross is proving that this is not the case in his latest self-recorded sing-along video making the rounds online. Over the weekend, Rick Ross took to social to document his car ride on his Instagram story. During the commute, Ross was bumping to an old Fifty song from 2005 called “Hate It Or Love It,” his hit single with rapper The Game. The “Big Meech” rapper was rapping along to the 50 Cent track before he took a moment to comment on the lyrics.

While Telling his friend to “back that up,” Rick Ross explained, “I like how the ni**a says his mama was kissing a girl,” he said. “That sh*t was hard. That ni**a’s mama was a bull dyke.” The rapper’s friend obliged and replayed the track for Rozay who seemed to be enjoying the music thoroughly. “That sh*t was hard,” he said. “That was that ni**a’s best verse. I ain’t gonna lie.”

50 Cent and Rick Ross have been beefing for the better part of a decade. Many fans were caught off guard when they saw the video of the Ross rocking to some old Fifty. Some were also surprised that he actually admitted to liking any of the lyrics. Rick Ross openly confessed in an interview earlier this year that he and 50 Cent would never make music together During the talk on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” Rick Ross said that he would work with Fifty if he still had value. In reference to the song he was listening to in the car, Ross said if the G-Unit rapper “was still making music like that, of course,” he would collaborate, but Fifty is simply “ain’t that dude no more.”

50 Cent concurred in a later interview when he admitted that he never has and has no intention of working with Rozay. He also mentioned that he does not know what the rapper’s value is to music culture currently, so I guess the feeling is mutual between these two.