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Rapper Trina Gets Into A Fight At Walmart After Being Called The N Word

A Florida Walmart was the stage for a heated argument between rapper Trina and a racist shopper.

Reports are that Trina was grabbing groceries and accidentally bumped into a woman. The individual clearly did not take this touch lightly and hurled racial comments at the rapper. Things escalated quickly as the alledged racists called Trina a “n**ger b**ch.” Trina got quite vocal and asked the women to say the word again. “Say it again you dirty-ass b**ch! I am a n**ger b**ch? Say it again! I dare you to say it!”

The cops were called to the scene of the altercation by onlookers. They state that Trina did not press charges and was actually walked out of the store by police to ensure her safety. The police did not speak to the woman who made the comments, according to reports made by bystanders.

Trina recently lost her mom Vernessa ‘Nessa’ Taylor to cancer. She was very close to her mom and even did a song similar to Tupac’s “Dear Mama” for her. Losing a parent can be hard, and on comment wondered if her mom’s passing had anything to do with the level of rage she exerted during the argument.

This incident is the latest of its kind against celebrities. On Saturday, hip hop DJ Kid Capri posted a video of another alleged racist encounter at a store. The store owner told the Dj to remove his hood before entering the store. Capri claims he felt disrespected and that it would not be the same directive if it were a white person.

Sadly, Trina did not post any official word on the incident she was in.