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Hip Hop Legend DJ Kid Capri Posts Video Of Racist Encounter At Gas Station

LegendaSouth Kid Capri has shared a shocking video of a racist encounter he had at a gas station in Alabama.

Kid Capri posted the video clip on his Instagram account on Saturday morning, where she said he pulled up at a gas station convenience store called Store 17, and a white woman behind the counter immediately yelled for him to remove his hoodie. Capri said he felt totally disrespected and started filming the incident, which he later posted on IG. The clip has since been re-posted by several thousands of times and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

“Racist!! Wow wow wow!!!! This happened to me yesterday in auburn alabama at a gas station store called “STORE 17” it’s sad, but I’m glad it happened, cause she f**ked up!! She has no idea who I am, but she’s gonna know now,,, #discriminationcase #racist #store17 #auburnalabama she ran into the wrong one, with her racist azz face!!!!! I’m on it!!! #kidcapri,” Capri wrote.

While some fans are in agreement with his assessment that the encounter is likely racially motivated, some folks argued that the culture in the south is much different from what Kid Capri is used to in New York.

“Dude I love you. I was born or raised in Brooklyn New York. I moved to Tennessee in 2004,” one female fan wrote. “When I moved here from New York I had to learn the Southern culture. The culture here is manners humility respect and complete kindness. So men do not go in doors with hats on let alone hoodies. I do apologize that your situation escalated to that point however that’s just the way things are done in the South.”

Another fan added, “Smh this is clearly racially motivated and why do they always call police.”