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YG Brings Stormy Daniels On Stage To Perform “F**k Donald Trump”

YG is keeping his foot on the president’s neck.

It’s no secret that the sitting president of the United States isn’t exactly popular with the hip-hop community … well unless we are talking about Kanye West. Nonetheless, one MC in particular who has made his political stance very clear is west coast hitmaker YG who put his disdain for the man in the White House on wax with his song “F*ck Donald Trump.” YG has been performing this song for over a year and has found a way to keep his message going by bringing out someone who has made it their own mission to take Trump down.

During a performance Sunday Night, YG invited adult film star Stormy Daniels to the stage, who is currently in a legal battle with President Trump. Daniels alleged that she was paid off by Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen to keep quiet about an affair she had with the president before he took office. In a new video circulating online Monday, YG brings her onto the stage and asks her to introducer herself to the crowd, pretending to not know who she was. “I want you to state your name, and I want you to yell out f*ck Donald Trump,” he said. “My name is Stormy f**king Daniels,” she said as the crowd let out cheers. “And I am the reason that Donald Trump is f**ked.”

YG continued to act surprised as footage of Stormy’s headlines played on the background projector. “You the one that f*cked Donald Trump?” he asked. After Daniels told him she “just laid there,” YG embraced her with a huge hug and went right into his song. The viral video actually prompted a response from the White House. “Another example of the tolerant left,” said Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham with sarcasm. It looks like YG’s move got the attention he was aiming for.