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Chronic Law Drops New Single “Bad Mind a Kill Dem Slow”

It’s almost close to Christmas, and you know what that means, new music to take us through the festive season and beyond.

Chronic Law seems the first out of the blocks with a socially conscious track called “Bad Mind a Kill Dem Slow.” The track comes from one of the hottest production houses and long-time affiliates to the 6IXX camp, Attomatic Records, in partnership with Dan Sky Records.

Based on the tag posted below the video, it seems the track is being taken off a larger project call District riddim. While this is not yet confirmed, we are hopeful that more tracks are on this beat. It’s smooth, with some pretty interesting sounds during the chorus; however, it leaves just enough room for Chronic to load it with his killer verses.

He sings, “That’s why when me buy the bimma me no tek picture / can’t stop me from get richer yo Atto.” We are unsure if this line means he has recently purchased a new ride however, it is a very profound statement especially in this new era govern by social media.

“If them did a get a dollar me call me name they wudda rich aready / If it happen before this them woulda switch up aready false-start dem pu**y de no ready / yea the matic ya load up what a sin fi fly dem jelly.” He also drops more heat and a very relatable lyric, ” A bill mi place nuh plan fi live nobody house,” Law Boss spits in the catchy verse.

The fans are clearly in love with the song. The track also seems to come at the right time when a lot of persons were starting to question if the Lawboss had anything up his sleeve for this coming season.

What are your thoughts on Chronic Law’s new song?