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Kanye West Mental Health Not Covered By Insurance On Sunday Service Tour

Kanye West will have to cover his own mental health on his Sunday Service tour.

Insurance companies will not be covering mental health issues for Kanye West‘s upcoming “Jesus Is King” tour. Paparazzi caught up with Kanye in the streets of New York and asked if there would be a tour for his recently released Gospel Rap album. According to Ye, he wants to tour “right away,” but reports are that insurance companies will not provide for all contingencies. Ye has always been open about his bipolar disorder that continues to play a detrimental role in his life. Because Kanye has a history of canceling tour dates, many questioned if an insurance company would even cover his JIK tour.

Back in 2016, Ye’s “Saint Pablo Tour” came to a dramatic and abrupt premature end when he was hospitalized at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for stress and exhaustion; and due to his mental illness, held for psychiatric observation.

TMZ reports that in spite of this, insurance companies are willing to write a policy for Kanye’s upcoming tour. Still, they will not cover any date cancellations that result from mental health issues. Understandably, insurance entities will not want to be responsible for this contingency. Kanye sued an insurance entity for $10 million in 2017 after the “Saint Pablo Tour” cancellations. The company countersued, but Kanye did end up getting most of the money due to him under the policy.

After his 2016 hospitalization, it was reported that Kanye’s mental breakdown was a result of him not taking the recommended dosage of his medication. We’re not certain if the rapper has since corrected this and is properly monitoring his treatment. However, TMZ reports that whether he is taking them or not, insurance companies still won’t pencil in a clause for his mental health issues in any policy they might provide.

Luckily, Kanye has been in a good place since his last tour, especially this year following his spiritual evolution and rebirth in Christ. Hopefully, he will continue treading in a good headspace, and his tour will go smoothly and unhindered by any episodes.