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Vybz Kartel New Song Is Titled “Interview” Listen To It

Vybz Kartel

This is a hypothetical situation/question for the women who follow dancehall music and are especially in tune with Vybz Kartel and his music. Have you ever wondered what it would be like is Vybz Kartel called you for an interview for an undisclosed job?

If that thought has ever crossed your mind, there is no longer a need to wonder, as Vybz Kartel gives you the full rundown of what would take place in the one on one interview session in his new song “Interview.” The TJ Records produced track was released yesterday and is already gearing up to become a favorite among the dancehall fans all over the world.

Addi is no stranger to praising the ladies, and he passionately sings his adoration on this new track. “Baby me wa breed you say that you with me Hmmm Hmm hmm / Any man woulda love you / You tight and your pretty hmm hmm hmm / Baby me wa breed you say that you with me hmmm hmmm hmmm / Any man woulda love you You tight and your pretty and me wa interview yuh,” he repeats in the chorus.

As is the norm with The Teacha, the verses are packed with clever similes, and genius word plays that will leave you asking, what was he thinking about when he wrote this? Included in this new track are imageries fitting for any bicycle shop, as the deejay compares the ‘pumping’ and patching of tires to sexual actions. It makes you wonder if the position being offered to the ladies is one that may see her testing her riding skills.

The colorful lyric video is also delightful and will have you singing the song word for word in no time.

Gaza fans have already peppered the comment section with one person praising Kartel for his creativity and ability to change his melodies and flows. “Never have we ever witness an artist with so much flow. Is like the man bored so fi challenge himself him jus keep inventing new sounds and flow… 1 king GAZA,” he commented.

Go on out and listen to the new track and grab it on most digital platforms since it is being distributed by Zojak World Wide.