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Drake’s Disc Jockey Played Pusha T Music At His Birthday Party, HUGE Mistake

Drake doesn’t want to hear music from his enemies on his birthday, especially Pusha T.

Drake is known for throwing huge birthday bashes every October, and this year was no different for the “Scorpion” rapper. He brought in his 33rd year with a lavish mobster-style party Wednesday in Los Angeles with guests the likes of Adele, French Montana, Future, A$AP Rocky, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and more. Footage from Drake’s fan pages showed that everyone seemed to be having a good time, that is, until the DJ decided to play music from one of Drizzy’s mortal enemies Pusha T.

Video circulated online of the moment the DJ played the “Don’t Like” remix that starts with Pusha T’s verse off the top. As we all know, Pusha and Drake beefed last year in one of the most memorable rap feuds in history and went down as a loss on Drizzy’s part. The G.O.O.D. Music president exposed the Canadian rapper’s biggest secret of having a son by a former porn star and threw shots at his family and producer, words that Drake took serious offense. It doesn’t look like the two MCs are anywhere close to making amends, and tension had been brewing up between the two camps for years before they made official diss tracks.

As soon as partygoers heard Pusha T’s voice over the speakers, the DJ was immediately instructed to turn the song off. The irony is that only a month ago, Drake was telling Joe Budden on Instagram live to play Pusha’s diss record, “The Story of Adidon,” during Joe’s pool party to “see if it ring off,” a trolling move on Aubrey’s party. But on his big day, his team was having none of that.

Drake posted photos Thursday, on his actual birthday, recapping the party with a heartfelt caption after going through a few rough years of drama, beef, and tension in the industry. Check out some highlights from his birthday bash below.