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Stormi Asks Kylie Jenner To Play Travis Scott’s Music In This Adorable Video That Went Viral

Baby Stormi already has a great taste in music, even if you think she might be a little bias.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner may have broken up, but the superstars promised to continue to raise their daughter Stormi Webster together and had even reportedly been trying to work things out. But the split doesn’t seem to have affected Baby Stormi too much, and the love for her daddy, Travis Scott, was made evident in a new viral video posted by Kylie herself. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star became a viral meme this week after posting a YouTube video in which she gives a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics offices. Towards the end, the billionaire mogul enters Stormi’s playroom, cuts on the light and sings “Riiise and Shiinneee.”

The scene quickly went viral because the internet will make memes out of pretty much anything, and before she knew it, “Rise and Shine” was trending on Twitter. The viral moment led to fans turning Kylie Jenner’s vocals into a song, and she posted a video of Stormi dancing away to her mommy’s voice Thursday afternoon. But there was a twist. Halfway through, Stormi stops dancing and says, “Daddy sing!” “No baby, that’s mommy. Mommy’s singing,” Kylie quickly replied … but Stormi wasn’t hearing it.

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“Mommy … Daddy sing,” Stormi doubled down. “Oh, you want daddy singing?” Kylie said with disappointment. But the 1-year-old icon meant what she said and replied, “Yeah.” Kylie asked the baby why she wasn’t good enough, but Stormi just kept repeating, “Daddy sing. Daddy sing,” in the most adorable way. The video had over 96K retweets by Friday morning.

But in true billionaire CEO fashion, of course, Kylie sought to capitalize on the situation. Within days of her viral moment, she began selling “Riise and Shiiinnee” merch on her KylieJennerShop website.

Another W for the Kardashian-Jenner family.