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Kodak Black Ordered To Pay $91K To Promoter While Behind Bars

Kodak Black case

Kodak Black will have to fork over $91,000 to a concert promoter even though he is behind bars.

Florida rapper Kodak Black is having a bad couple of months. Black, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, was ordered by an Arizona judge on October 15th to pay $91,095.05 to a concert promotor named Nicholas Fitts. Fitts claims Kodak bailed on several shows he booked for him in 2017, essentially leaving him and fans hanging despite contractual obligations. Fitts described three separate occasions when the rapper had committed to a performance, only to decide not to show up at the last minute. The judge’s ruling comes as Kodak currently sits behind bars for allegedly falsifying documents with the intent to purchase firearms in May of this year.

After originally pleading “not guilty,” Kodak Black changed his plea to “guilty” in August, and is now due to be sentenced in November. Nicholas Fitts reportedly served documents pertaining to his lawsuit to Black in Miami, where he is currently locked up. Fitts was originally asking the court for $500,000 in damages, but sources say Kodak didn’t seem phased by the allegations, The Blast reported. While the ruling is probably not coming as great news to the rapper, he might be more concerned with his freedom at the moment. If found guilty in November, Black may face up to ten years in prison.

Kodak Black is only 22 years old but has had a life of both success and setbacks. Often described as a “mumble rapper,” Black has both been praised by critics who compared him to Mob Deep and Lil Wayne, as well as dismissed as a rapper who blatantly ignores an emphasis on lyrical ability or individualism. The rapper and songwriter has also been involved in a great deal of controversy aside from his legal troubles, including live-streaming sexual acts on Instagram and publicly announcing that he doesn’t date dark-skinned black girls. Despite a string of offensive acts and social media antics, Black will likely remain relevant if he manages to avoid a lengthy prison sentence.