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Ari Lennox Announces She’s Looking For New Management ASAP

Ari Lennox is ready to move on from her management team.

Ari Lennox has no problem being vocal on social media about the ups and downs of the music industry. It was just last month that the Dreamville artist announced she didn’t want to perform live anymore after 2019 because she needed to protect her energy. Ari never elaborated on who she may have been getting bad vibes from, but on Sunday she expressed that she was looking for new management as soon as possible.

“Looking for a lawyer and new management,” the “Shea Butter Baby” singer said on Twitter. Ari was managed by Paris Hines and Justin Lamotte. Paris Hines also manages R&B artist Lucky Daye.

Ari didn’t elaborate on why she wants to find a new team, but said that the people in her circle don’t have her back like she expected. “I’m so happy to know who truly cares about my well being. It’s damn sure not certain people that I thought,” she said.

“People want to be there for the accolades but not the real grind,” her rant continued. “People love you when you’re the sweet baby doll but not when you’re human. Don’t want no more fake soulless sh*t around me.”

According to Hot New Hip Hop, a new management team would not affect Ari’s deal with Dreamville, the record label operated under J. Cole. The 28-year-old’s words echoed her sentiments from September when she opened up about the dark side of the music industry. “The music industry can be shady but my messages have nothing to with the industry. It’s the random ho demons, narcissists and warlocks that shockingly appear at different events I be at,” she tweeted last month.

On Monday Ari gave a bit more insight into why she may be seeking new management, saying that her team was not with her while she’s on tour. Ari has been opening up on Lizzo’s “Cuz I love you” tour, and apparently her managers were no where to be found. “I just want to know how I’ve been on tour with no manager,” she said Monday afternoon. “But let it be europe… everybody super early to the airport excited af.”

Ari is usually exhibits a light and fun spirit, and has racked up a social media following with her hilarious Instagram live rants that often go viral. Whatever it is that Ari is going through, we hope that she can find the peace of mind that she’s looking for in the industry.