Ari Lennox Says She’s Only Doing Shows via Social Media & YouTube To Protect Her Energy

Ari Lennox is all about protecting her energy no matter what the cost.

Rising R&B star Ari Lennox has gained popularity through her clever use of social media, particularly her humorous Instagram live rants that fans often repost and share clips of via Twitter. And since that seems to be her safe space, Ari said that she may only do her live performances on Instagram from here on out because people are “playing with her energy.”

“After this year I’ll continue to drop music. But I’m not performing anymore outside of ig live or YouTube,” the Dreamville artist said Tuesday. “God is good. I will pay back what was offered to me but literally I’m too thorough to be playing with my energy. People don’t know what happens behind the scenes.”

Ari never quite elaborated on what exactly drove her to throw in the towel on shows and touring, but she continued her rant, that has since been deleted, saying that it was some immature drama going on that didn’t sit well with her. “But when I tell you this sh*t is high school and I will get expelled if I keep playing around like I’m not Aries,” she said. “I literally can create a world where I can keep the sick individuals away. This the only way. Stay in the house. Surrounding myself with family and my dog.”

The “Shea Butter Baby” singer said she was changing her number and “slowly retreating.” After a few more tweets alluding to “demonic entities,” Ari wrapped up her rant with some clarification on Wednesday. “The music industry can be shady but my messages have nothing to with the industry. It’s the random ho demons, narcissists and warlocks that shockingly appear at different events I be at.”

The 28 year old signed to J. Cole’s label went on to post photos of she and fellow R&B star H.E.R. from a performance at the Lights On Festival over the weekend. We sure hope that whatever was triggering the talented songstress was solved and that Ari will continue to showcase her vocals live.