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Ja Rule Says He And 50 Cent Are Enemies For Life, Names 3 Nice Things About 50

Ja Rule is attempting to turn a new leaf with his enemy 50 Cent, at least kind of.

In a beef as old as time, 50 Cent and Ja Rule have continued to exchange jabs over the last few decades that have tumbled over into the era of social media. We have seen the two publicly sparring even in 2019, almost 20 years after tensions first arose. Whether it’s on Instagram or television, Ja and 50 never seem to hold their tongues when describing the disdain they have for one another. So, of course, the beef came up as a topic when Ja Rule recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the same show where 50 Cent dissed Ja a few months ago.

“Here’s the thing. We’ve been having this ongoing feud now for what seems like 15 years or something like that. I think it’s time that we’ve grown past it,” Ja said when asked about the feud. “So I’m going to take today on Andy and ‘Watch What’s Happening Live,’… this is what’s happening live. I am removing myself from the circus.” It seemed as though the “I’m Real” rapper was about to make a turn for the better and publicly surrender in the never-ending beef. The statement even drew applause from the audience. But honestly, we all should have known better. “Because what I’ve realised is,” he continued, “when you entertain clowns you become part of the circus.”

Andy Cohen himself sensed the lingering shade, and the viewers were brought back to reality that the two may never get along. But the host went on to challenge the notion and asked Ja Rule to name three nice things about his forever foe 50 Cent. “He’s a bad father,” Ja began, confirming that the beef will indeed keep going. “He got like a big, square box head … and he looks like his breath stinks.”

Well, there you have it. Just when fans thought they were going to witness a historical moment in Hip Hop where the potentially longest-running enemies could possibly make peace, we were quickly reminded the two have a long way to go before that ever happens. Ja even finished the segment and put them back at square one:

“We’re sworn enemies forever.”