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Vybz Kartel Ready To Give The Ladies “Super Hero Love”

Vybz Kartel has taken a trip to DC Universe and has returned with his new song “Super Hero Love.” A great follow up to his recent banger Drone Dem, Super Hero Love looks set to make a Gaza Impact.

“Just know yuhself / badmind cyan do mi ntn fi mi believe in them,” Kartel said in the intro. Kartel delves into the verse with a calm reassuring tone, charming as usual and the ladies are already loving it judging from the comments on YouTube . The most hardcore of deejays details his feelings as efficiently as an R&B singer with the precision of a surgeon on a beat which complements his style a hundred percent.

“Look what you mean to me / look what you mean to me / it really nice enuh to live our lives in love / underneath yuh clean yuh seh yuh would be my queen / yuh save mi life enuh Super Hero Love,” Vybz Kartel sings.

Can the Worl’Boss be stopped in 2019? It clearly doesn’t seem so. His range has been telling, and domination of the stereo is now second nature to the Teacha! Peep the end of the first verse – a testament to the skills of dancehall’s Superman in disguise as Vybz Kartel.

“When I see a Kartel notification I click” said one fan on YouTube. The Dancehall King has proven once again that he can do no wrong. Check out the new track for the ladies.