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Swae Lee Took A Tumble Off Stage Gets Back Up Take A Shot Of Henny

Swae Lee

Rae Sremmurd rapper Swae Lee took a fall off stage then gets back up, take his shirt off, and take a shot of Henny.

Swae Lee, unfortunately, took a dive off the stage while performing, thankfully the rapper was uninjured. As reported by TMZ, “Sunflower” rapper Swae Lee, was performing at the Union Rooftop in Minneapolis on Friday when a fan in the crowd captured a video of his unfortunate incident. In the video, he can be seen standing on what appears to be a bar while singing his hit song “Black Beatles.”

Swae Lee can be seen rocking out to the banger, bobbing his head and giving his all as the crowd relishes in the moment screaming uncontrollably. The rapper is seen leaning back and forth vibing with the fans when he suddenly falls face-first into the crowd. However, the security standing close by was quick to act, and he immediately grabbed the rapper pulling him back onto the stage before any serious harm was done.

The rapper, who appears unfazed by the incident, continued to perform. Swae Lee could be seen later taking off his shirt and holding a bottle of Hennessy before taking a huge drink from the bottle and attempting to gift it to one lucky fan in the crowd. The security guard who luckily saved him from falling earlier attempted to take the bottle from the rapper but Swae smoothly removes it from his hand and determinedly gives it to a fan in the crowd. The rapper is the true embodiment of the term “turn down for what.”

One half of the rap duo, Rae Sremmurd along with his brother Slim Jxmmi, Swae has been releasing a lot of new music solo. His hit song with Post Malone “Sunflower”, which sees him unleashing his singing talents onto fans has blown up tremendously since being released. He also dropped “Won’t Be Late” back in August which is a collaboration with rapper Drake.

Swae Lee is known for always being up close and personal with his fans, and he always takes to social media to post his latest excursions. We know despite the fall, he truly had fun performing for his fans.

Check out the video below.