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Teejay Lives Like Leon Bailey In New Video “Baller”

Have you ever wanted to watch a video about football but also have it include a ton of gorgeous cars, females and amazing scenery? Teejay recently released his hot new video for “Baller,” and it has all the right touches to make it a dancehall tournament winner among fans and viewers.

The video showcases Jamaican, and Bayer 04 Leverkusen forward Leon Bailey and singer Teejay, as they reveal the perks of being a true baller in society.

You cannot help but immerse yourself in the video as you are treated to ballers juggling football and skimpily clad females splashing in the pool. If you are a car lover, Leon’s orange Brabus Mercedes is a must-see. Romeich Ent. TV and The African Kydd are being applauded for the concept and the work put into the making of the video.

The song which is produced by Damage Musiq has been getting a lot of love from Teejay fans. The fans are also commending the fact that the video is aimed at promoting Jamaican football star Bailey.

“Me like how teejay sing bout Jamaican talent Leon bailey some other stupid artist nah represent we talent,” commented one viewer. Another mentioned, “Mi rate di endorsement fi one of our own nuff respect Teejay & bless up yuh self Leon Bailey!”

A Vendetta fan chimed in a line Teejay used, citing a possible hit at Alkaline, “Seh dem a lock d place but mi stole dem city. Careful teeyjay, we see n ear everyting [Vendetta mask emoji].

We are not sure if the line was a direct aim at Alkaline. However, one thing is sure, the fans are loving the video. The video is currently in the #6 spot on Youtube’s Trending list with over 93,971 views since its release 12 hours ago.