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Cardi B Roasts Fans On Twitter Who Trolled Her About Music and Offset

Cardi B will clap back at anyone who comes for her, no matter who you are.

This we know about the Bronx native, so why any fans still troll her mentions is a mystery. But a few fans tried her anyways this week and on Tuesday, Cardi B roasted two of them on Twitter saying she felt like she was back at the lunch table.

The first victim was a girl who Cardi claimed had been harassing her for months via comments and even DMs. The rapper finally responded after the fan wrote, “Imagine needing help on a song like money bag, bodak yellow & every other verse in any song … & getting called anything above an entertainer. LMAO a joke stick to the movies luv.” Cardi replied to the comment saying “awwwwwwwwww.Stick to your diet.”

Spanish blog Poptime picked the story up and the “I Like It” rapper was accused of body shaming. “So she can continuously leave hate comments on my page and on dm but asoon as I tell her to stick to her diet which she claim she was on I’m fatphobic ?,” she responded to the article. “Wtf is a fatphobic? LMAO! Lucky I ain’t said worst. Matter fact eat a d*ck!”

The tweet was accompanied by a screen shot of that same fan direct messaging Cardi at least four times over several months saying that she wished she was Nicki Minaj, telling her to stay in her lane and calling her a “fake a** rapper.”

Cardi continued her rant saying people are too soft nowadays and would have never survived at the lunch table at school. Another fan made a comment about her husband Offset and referred to the reports that he cheated on her several times throughout their relationship. “That was so corny like people be leaving cheating jokes all the time (some make me laugh ), but this was sooo corny,” she replied. “and then you had the nerve to put a moon like you said something You kicked out off the lunch table. NEXT.”

The MC then went on to post a photo of the fan saying he looked like an ostrich.

She also posted receipts of times when a fan made a cheating joke and Cardi found it funny. Cardi is known for defending herself, even if it’s to a fan trolling for attention, and this time was no different. Check out more of the interactions below.