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Dancehall Star Stylo G Fled Jamaica After Run-In With Police

Deejay Stylo G promptly left Jamaica and headed back to the UK after his unfortunate run-in with police while staying at an Airbnb in Caymanas Estate, St Catherine.

On September 16th, the “Dumpling” deejay received a very unpleasant visit by a group of heavily armed police officers. According to Stylo G, the officers received an anonymous tip stating that there were guns inside the residence. Officers followed up on the tip-off and converged on the artiste’s Caymanas Estate home.

The entire ordeal was live-streamed by Stylo G on his Instagram Live as he did not trust the situation that was taking place between himself, members of his crew and police officers. After conducting a lengthy search, officers found no weapons or illegal items inside the residence. However, they still requested for Stylo and his associates to come into the National Police College of Jamaica for further processing. Stylo G who failed to understand why he needed to be processed at the station then angrily led a 20-minute back-and-forth with the officers.

In the video, the deejay can be heard venting about police officers wanting to arrest him even though they didn’t find any guns. The deejay can be heard telling the officers that he is a UK resident, however, they insisted that he needed to make his way to the station even informing the deejay that he will be cuffed and hauled off if he does not comply.

After being released from the station, the deejay had this to say, “They hold us for five hours; nothing nuh come out of it. They write down our names an’ address, our number…everything. Mi nuh know wah dem information yah fah; jus’ fi mek wi stay there. It’s like going to school an’ mi a big man now. Yuh a guh have mi in a holding area for five hours an’ it’s just a waste of day an’ waste of Government money.”

Although no formal arrests were made, the deejay was so traumatized by the event that he quickly booked the first flight back to the UK. Stylo’s road manager, Biggie, had this to say during an interview with the Jamaica Observer, “Everybody upset about di situation. A yah so (Jamaica) him born, an’ him try fi uplift di country inna him music. Him never expected to be treated so badly; not by his own people.”

He then gave an insight into what took place, “A me open di door when dem come. Dem surround di house…showed a warrant dat sey dem a look fi guns… An’ afta more than a five-hour search an’ dem nuh find nutten… den dem ask wi fi come wid dem. A so Stylo G start video di ting.”

When questioned about Stylo he stated, “Him embarrassed by di whole situation. Mi jus’ drop him a airport. Di vibes nuh right.”

After leaving the country, the deejay uploaded a video to his Instagram page, sharing what the ordeal has taught him. He began, “Me can tell unuh a little story? You si when mi did young the whole a wi inna the ghetto wi used to go mango bush when wi hungry or guinep or any one of dem fruits deh weh available. There’s always problem to get the guinep and the mango you know why because most of it inna the rich ppl dem yard. So wi always try fi get the mango because wi hungry.”

He continued, “The moral of the story is, these people rather keep the mango dem on the tree until it ripe and drop off pon the grung fi man eat it than take the mango and put it on the wall fi a ghetto youth. So yu si me, me grow up inna poverty so yuh see all a unuh rich ppl out deh we gonna come up there bro so unuh watch out fi wi. Watch out. There’s gonna be nuff mango pon my tree and it ago share fi di ghetto youths dem.”

Although the deejay has returned home to the UK, he does so with a renewed purpose to make Jamaica a better place.