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Squash Quits The 6ix Vendetta War, Dancehall Fans Hungry For More

6ix Boss Squash has been intertwined in a lyrical diss war with Alkaline, but now his manager says no more.

“Dancehall nice again.” The last few weeks have seen 6ix Boss Squash heading off against Vendetta Boss Alkaline. Squash released diss tracks “Pinocchio“, “Funeral Program” and “One Shot” directed at Alkaline. While Alka himself hit back with tracks, “State Of Emergency,” “Death Announcement,” and “Most Wanted.” The artistes also went head to head on social media attacking each other via videos showcasing fans vibing to the songs, cursing either artiste or even burning clothing items and props with each artistes’ signature logo.

Other participants have also tried their hand in the war with Gage releasing “Disappointment” aimed at both Squash and Alkaline. The song dropped on September 13, and the artiste boldly calls out both artistes by name. The cover art is savage, depicting a garbage bin containing Squash’s “Funeral Program” and Alkaline’s “Death Announcement” cover arts. “Disappointment” is currently #6 on Trending on YouTube with over 133,000 views.

Allegedly the Jahvillani-led Wileside Government is attempting to secure a spot in the war. On Sunday night, he released his gritty war track titled, “Undefeated.” The track currently stands at over 73 thousand views and is #27 on Trending on YouTube. Fans are claiming that the track is a diss song aimed at 6ix Camp member, Chronic Law. However, Jahvillani’s management denies that the gritty war song was directed at anyone.

“Suh true di man drop a badman song, unuh go seh a 6 diss song. Ah wah? Di man cyaa sing badman song too?” commented a member of the management team.

Undefeated is part of a rhythm compilation produced by Lion Order and One Gov Productions, featuring M Gee and Deep Jahi.

“Pretty soon I-Octane will be added. I am grateful for the highlight this production has brought because it’s my first production and after seeing how well Jahvillani’s song kicked off, I have no doubt in future endeavors,” Lion, CEO of Lion Order Productions, told The Star.

Fans have since then, been awaiting a response from Squash to the barrage of disses aimed at his head by Gage and Jahvillani. And now it seems, we may never get a response from the 6ix leader as his manager claims that he will no longer be doing diss tracks.

“Squash nah do no more clash. Any man can say what them wah seh, and sing what them wah sing. But this is not the time for that. Too much of one thing, good for nothing,” Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser, Manager of The 6ix, told THE STAR.

I guess “One Shot” was his last shot. However, this rule does not apply to 6ix member Chronic Law who released a diss track directed at Alkaline on September 13. The track titled “Mass Murder” currently boasts over 427 thousand views and is #4 on Trending on YouTube. Known as the 6ix’s lyrical power, Chronic Law was tagged into the war by Squash who was failing to keep up with Alkaline according to fans. Now with the statements from Squash’s Manager, it seems it may have been a carefully strategized ploy to shift the weight of the battle from Squash.

Well, Squash’s official departure from the battle may be right on time, as Jahmiel dropped his own diss track on Monday, September 16. According to fans, Jahmiel has hopped into the ring to give Alkaline an assist as Chronic Law unfairly came at him. “Murderous” is being hailed as the diss track to end all prior diss tracks. It currently has over 142 thousand views on YouTube and is #7 on Trending on YouTube.

It seems the war is now over for Squash and Alkaline. Fans, however, can now hopefully look forward to Jahmiel and Chronic Law continuing the battle as the torch has seemingly been passed over to them.