Alkaline Drops Off Another Gritty Dancehall Banger “State Of Emergency”


Alkaline is coming back on the dancehall scene to divide and conquer.

It appears Alkaline has reentered the scene with a new vendetta. The Man Himself just released the official audio for his new song “State A Emergency.” The 3 minutes and 54 seconds track is appropriately titled to play on the current circumstances in Jamaica with the government ordered the State of Emergency. “Go fi dem in front a popo / Mi affiliate wid murderers wah loco / and mi will kill dem fast or ina slow mo / twelve-gauge blow yu chest dem sen fi zozo.”

Alkaline is truly with the times, and on top of that, he issues multisyllabic rhymes as usual in a way that only he can deliver. The new track which was produced by Tru Ambassador Entertainment had only been released for one hour when it already garnered 10,000 views on YouTube. The Young Lord shared notification of the release on his Instagram in the middle of the night.

He captioned a photo of the song’s official artwork, “so we a dealid it state a emergency out now @truambassador @prodbyal wah uno seh uno up?”

The prompt reactions are a clear sign that Alkaline really has our attention since he’s been back and on top of his game. The YouTube upload on Alkaline Musiq’s page has quickly ascended to over 800 comments. One user wrote “Who tell dem fi call out d beast…” seemingly referring to the 6ix artiste who the Vendetta Boss has recently been in contention with.

Listen to what Alka has to say in ‘State A Emergency’ below.