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50 Cent Says New Eminem Music Coming Soon And It Sounds Fire

50 Cent has been doing a lot of press lately to promote the final season of his hit series Power. The opportunity has led him to be spilling tea all over the place. His latest revelation however, is really what’s got people talking. According to 50, Grammy-winning rapper Eminem is coming out with a new album.

In late August, Eminem sent out a rather cryptic tweet that had everyone scratching their heads and speculating that he was working on something. The message read: “People think they want this problem ’til they get it,” and already it sounds like great lyrics. The last time we heard a diss track from Eminem is when he engaged in a lyrical feud with rapper Machine Gun Kelly over a year ago.

During 50’s latest interview with Real 92.3 LA, the rapper was asked if he would ever collaborate with long-time friend and rap genius Eminem again, to which the Power producer said that him and Slim Shady are actually working on something right now. “He got some things man, like yo, still the highest-selling rap artiste in the world,” Fifty emphasized and reiterated this as if it’s a lyric from an upcoming Em song. When asked if the Em album was coming with 50 Cent, the rapper said, “Yeah, yeah,” and continued, “that’s what I’m doing with him now.”

No word from Eminem just yet but the “Rap God” artiste was never one to be very vocal other than in his music. Hopefully, he is okay with 50 Cent making the announcement for him. We’re just all stoked that we finally have another Shady album to look forward to. Watch 50 spill the beans on the upcoming project around the 29th minute in his interview below.