Top 10 Dancehall Songs This Summer (2019)

Vybz Kartel and Alkaline diss

The end of Sumfest signaled the start of the summer, and like every summer since Ding Dong’s Holiday, we knew what to expect, Summer Songs. This fairly new phenomenon has produced a few number one tracks like Vybz Kartel‘s “Summer Time,” and Aidonia‘s “Yeah Yeah.” This year saw a plethora of summer songs, which means we now have the hard task of choosing a top 10. Note, however, this list isn’t limited feature songs released in the summer season only, any song that dominated the summer season will be taken into account. The likes of Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Teejay, Alkaline, and Govana all had songs in rotation for this period; let ‘s see who made the list.

10. Alkaline “With The Thing”

This song is one, for all the real ones, and speaks against the fakes a 100%. A perfect song to party to with real friends and that’s exactly how it played out. This was Alkaline’s building momentum to topple the 6IX. A di Youngest Lawd!

9. Stylo G “Dumplin”

The grime influenced dancehall artiste Stylo G followed his banger “Touch Down,” featuring Vybz Kartel and Nikki Minaj with “Dumplin.” Staying true to his clarity filled hard-hitting style, Stylo had the street rocking to his new heat.

8. Daddy 1 “Custom”

The Youngest artiste in the 6IX lineup made a statement in 2019 which includes summer season. His banger “Custom” had the whole street talking, a big hit, no matter where you might have ended up this summer, one thing was guaranteed “Custom” would be played at some point. “A mad ting when Daddy 1 touchdung”

7. Ding Dong “The Good Ting Dem”

It is only fair that the man who popularized the summer song segment should be featured on this list. His song “Good Ting Dem” has been a staple in the dancehall all summer, all dancers and non-dancers have a great time moving to this track. “When we do road, wi haffi wear di good tings dem”.

6) Vybz Kartel “One Way”

The teacha shows his class, time, and time again, and this summer was no different. Not particularly a song made for the Summer Season “One Way,” it packed so much of a punch, it put many songs to the side when it was released. No surprises there, it’s the World Boss, the man who could miss and turn it into a hit! “Yow Din Din, Yow Atto/ Money and pu**y a fi motto.”

5. Intence “Guh Hard”

This new artiste is promising, to say the least. His unique style and voice set him apart, and when unleashed on the Lifestyle Riddim, he exclaimed his arrival to dancehall mainstream. This song is currently still one of the hottest songs of the year so far, it’s a good look for the Jettlife artiste. “mi have couple a mi fren a top scammer grab card”

4. Vybz Kartel x Squash “Beat dem Bad”

The collaboration of the summer involves the Worl’ Boss, and 6IX Boss. The two synchronize seamlessly producing one of the songs of the year. It has such a relaxing feel in tune with a tropical summer vibe, not to mention lyrical potency of both artistes. Job well done by the G6 alliance, “Everybody Cups Up.”

3. Masicka “Drug Lawd”

The Genahsyde deejay after a small lull recaptured the audience with his song “Drug Lawd.” This song contributed to a lot of bottle being bought and money pull-ups for the deejays. Masicka hit the nail on the head with this one, after that the summer wasn’t the same. “Young Juvenile living like a Drugz Lawd!”

2. Daddy 1 “Anthem”

Many would say this was the song of the summer. “Anthem,” could be heard anywhere except in church, Daddy 1 had found a certified hit. Ladies love it, men love, and children love it. This song will not just fade away and has racked up 2million YouTube views in 2 months, quite an achievement for Daddy 1 who is the only artiste who has two songs on this countdown barring Vybz Kartel of course.

1. Vybz Kartel “Any Weather”

This song was released at the top of the year. However, since then its impact hasn’t slowed and seems to get even more significant. It entered the summer season as the biggest song of the year and left it with the crown still intact. It is safe to say Vybz Kartel, the man with three songs on this list, is the artiste of the summer for this year. The Worl’ Boss had three bangers to counteract the summer’s heat.

Summer has already ended, leaving us to be nostalgic about the good times we had. These songs, however, can bring the feel and vibe of summer to the coldest winter. Summer 2019, was vibrant and eventful we hope this list captures its essence perfectly. Until next summer!