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The Navy Thinks Rihanna Is Pregnant After She Appears To Show Growing Baby Bump


The internet woke up Friday morning thinking Rihanna was pregnant. She quickly squashed that rumor.

Rihanna now joins Beyonce on the list of celebrities who the internet deems to be with child every so often without any evidence at all. A video of RiRi performing on stage at her Diamond Ball Thursday night surfaced on social media and sparked rumors that there may be a reason the “Umbrella” singer is slow to give us a new album: she’s pregnant. But sources with direct knowledge of the situation told TMZ Friday morning that that is not the case at all.

There was never any proof that it was true, but has that ever stopped Twitter from speculating before? A video shows Rihanna on stage with famous rapper/producer Pharrell performing “Lemon” dressed in a long black dress. From a side angle, if you squint real hard, there may be a tiny pudge in her belly, a pudge we all get after we eat a big meal – a “food baby” if you will. But of course fans would have loved to think that Rihanna may be bringing a little miracle into the world.

For hours fans posted memes expressing excitement, shock, and disappointment that Ms. Robyn Fenty might have been a new mommy. Some even used the words she spoke to ESSENCE on the red carpet to prove their case. In a speech about Black Girl Magic, Rihanna mentioned that she is a black woman who would some day give birth to another black woman.

Now we know that she did not mean today.

There is even a video of the 31-year-old sipping champagne at the gala which should have shut down any pregnancy rumors.

Check out some of the hysteria below.