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Vybz Kartel Protege Sheba Stirs Controversy In New Song “3Some”

Vybz Kartel protege Gaza Sheba has been putting in the work and seems set to mark her name as one of the female stalwarts in the dancehall arena with her controversial, new song, “3some.”

Shabdon Records, the producer behind this promiscuously charged track, is having a marvelous run, producing many of the hits cutting playing in the clubs. In light of this, it is no surprise that the track is getting a lot of positive reviews. “Like Christmas” singer utters in a sultry voice.

Goes even more in-depth, “Dem say 3 is a crowd, Fi me it just better. Me and a next gyal f**k me man, a Dem tings de me preffa. Nuff gyal a bun it out but me no care. Some gyal have up some good co**y man and no man it fi share.”

While there are a few female artists who have embraced cheating, there is no known record of any fully endorsing the concept of sharing in threesomes.

The recently posted Youtube video has been getting a whole lot of love, especially from the male population. “Sheba go hard pan this sharing is caring weh the gyal dem deh wha nuh boring and love plz dem man turn this blue real quick,” one man wrote. “Finally a girl that knows how to have fun,” posted a comment by what seems to be another male listener.

A few female comments were ranging from “Baddd,” to some just posting fire emojis signifying their love for the track. Sadly, I was not able to find any deep commentary from a female standpoint to see if the idea is one that is now accepted in the Jamaican culture.

One thing is fore sure; the song is poised to be the breakthrough Sheba has been searching for since the disintegration of the Portmore Empire.