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Foota Hype & Razor B Caution Women Who Dress X-Rated

Foota Hype

Foota Hype was recently supported by his colleague Razor B, in issuing words of caution to women who dress in an X-rated manner in public.

Interestingly Razor B’s Instagram page is loaded with skimpily-dressed women twerking and exposing their private parts, and some of his music videos have similar content. Last night Foota Hype, whose real name is Oneil Thomas, posted a video warning women that they are doing themselves no favors by going out in public clad in clothes which leave their private parts exposed, as they only end up being sexually objectified by men, who have no intention to make them lifelong partners. He captioned the post: “True or false what u think?”

“Well ladies, hear wha a gwaan. Mi waa reason wid oonu enuh, You know seh every man like when a woman dress sexy and look sexy, but yo see when yo ovadweet an a show yo yself an no lef nuttn to mi imagination, you waa jus be raw, naked an nasty and gwaan? Is a big turn-off,” Foota said, shaking his head in disapproval.

“Numerous time mi like some woman and when mi si how dem carry demself, mi turn-off, mi hood dead; mi vibes gone. Mi know some ooman a go seh: ‘gwaan, a dat oonu love; oonu love when di gyal dem naked’ and dis and dat. Wi like seet; mi waa f*ck yo. But do I want to stay with you? Do I want to make you my ultimate girlfriend? Do I want to make you my wife? No,” he said in response to his own question.

“Yo sexy and yo p*ssy a show an yo batty jaw heng out and you a gwaan, so mi a go waa f*ck yo; mi a man. But mi no waa yuh. Big difference. Some real ni**as out yah weh want real woman, yeh,” the sector added.

Razor B, who is known for songs such as Bruck fi Mi Back and Hot Up, sought to comment on the issue.

“No disrespect to any female but a woman who carries herself that way…man look pon unuh as just a f*ck that’s it,” he said.

However, he was chided by some of Foota’s followers who said the artiste was weak-minded and only made his comments because he lacked self-control and was guilty of objectifying women.

“Don’t blame me for speaking the truth about how a men look at these female who dress half naked…I am sure that’s how they would look at my mother, my wife and my daughters if they dress that way… I personally wouldn’t date a woman who carries herself like that. (We also need to narrow down the word naked) I didn’t say all woman who dress naked or half naked are bad or man should judge them base on their appearance,” he argued.

“I said that’s how men tend to think of them…whether it’s wrong or right… that’s just the reality of life! Men have more respect for a woman who dress a certain way! All perspectives because woman who dress naked could be the right one and the one that dress classy could be the wrong one…stick to the facts…how men perceived woman who dresses half naked…not with respect only sex #wrongroright”,” Razor B added.