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Kevin Hart Gets Dragged For Pressing Lil Nas X On Being Gay

Fans are not here for how Kevin Hart responded to Lil Nas X’s decision to come out as a gay man.

Kevin Hart was trending over the weekend after a serious car accident left him with “major back injuries” as fans and fellow celebrities sent condolences and prayers his way. And as fast as the internet supports you is just as fast as it will turn on you and that’s what has happened to the comedian in a matter of days. The actor was trending again after a new episode of Lebron James’ HBO show “The Shop” aired Tuesday night, and a clip surfaced of country-trap star Lil Nas X talking about his decision to tell the world he was gay.

In the clip, Lil Nas is asked why he felt it was important to make that announcement even after the success he received with the number one song in the world, “Old Town Road.” Kevin Hart quickly interjects the line of questioning saying, “He said he was gay … so what?!” The question was then elaborated as Lil Nas X was asked again why he felt it was necessary to come out and say that.

The 20-year-old Atlanta native went on to explain the pressure he felt as a child to hate homosexuality, a concept that Kevin Hart then pressed him on. “Hate what? Why are you growing up to hate it?” he asked. The confusion seemed to annoy Lil Nas as he answered with a simple “Come on now.”

“If you’re really from the hood, you know. … So it’s like for me, the ‘cool’ dude with the song on top of everything to say this. Any other time it’s like I’m doing this for attention in my eyes. But if you’re doing this while you’re at the top you know, it’s like for real. And it’s showing that it doesn’t really matter I guess,” he explained.

The conversation comes months after Kevin Hart faced severe backlash when old homophobic tweets of his resurfaced just as he was asked to host the Oscars last year. The prestigious awards asked the comedian to apologize to the LGBTQ community for his words, which he did but stepped down from the offer to host. Fans found his attitude towards Lil Nas X ironic while he made it seem like coming out of the closet as a black man was no big deal, even though he made jokes about shaming his own son had he done the same.

“Kevin Hart acting like he doesn’t know why Lil Nas X would be scared to come out is like someone who stole the thing you lost helping you look for it,” wrote one viewer. “‘He said he was gay. So what!’ Kevin Hart knows exactly what the “so what” is here and why a young black boy would closet his sexuality until he believed it was safe. Why not simply listen, give @LilNasX the space and deference to tell his own story…,” wrote another.

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