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Joe Amps Up His Trolling Of 50 Cent & Trey Songz Over ‘Power’ Theme Song

Joe is amping up his trolling of 50 Cent and Trey Songz over the Power theme song remix.

The R&B singer sounds off on 50 Cent yesterday while urging him to change back the theme song to the classic version that he did. It’s even more clear now that Joe is actively campaigning to have his original version back, following a social media backlash this week after Trey Songz version came out with the Power season 6 premiere on Sunday. On Thursday, the R&B legend posted a video clip meant to troll the powers that be about the fiasco.

“Damn! Who sent me this?! Too funny! #power #powerthemesong #powerchallenge #therealjoethomas @50cent,” he wrote.

Knowing how 50 Cent rolls, you can expect a response from him in short order. Nevertheless, Power fans, including myself, want back the classic and its good to get the man himself Joe on our side to amp up the pressure on the show’s producers. Some fans are not so happy that Joe is making fun of Trey Songz, even though they agree that the legend has the better version.

“Not cool that you’re making fun of my boy Trigga, but I admit you have the better version Fif should just change that back and let us move on from this BS man,” one fan wrote while another added, “I agree Trey made this show look too soft, but it’s not his fault 50 asked him to remix the song, so 50 all of this is your fault.”